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Blends Then and Now
South Africa has a long history of blended wines; the tale of their development interweaves old and new varieties.
Meerlust Estate Previews Probably the Greatest Expression of Their Rubicon Red Blend in 38 Years of Production
Alea iacta est. The die is cast,” Julius Caesar is supposed to have said as he led his troops towards Rome in 49BC. The crucial border of the ancient capital was the Rubicon River, and the decision to cross it marked an irrevocable point in history.
The Enthusiast 100 of 2017
As the number of wines reviewed in Wine Enthusiast continues to climb higher and higher, with nearly 23,000 wines tasted in 2017, we are perpetually seeking opportunities to tell thirsty readers about what we’re drinking. We strive to offer resources that please all palates and help make the most of your vinous adventures.
Rewriting history at Meerlust back to 1984, one vintage at a time
It was on September 12th, 2017 that a once in a lifetime South African vertical tasting happened. The South African Wine Society managed to acquire 10 Meerlust wines from nine vintages gathered over 15 years.
Nederburg Auction 2017 sales results and highlights
In pursuit of perfection, the 2017 Nederburg Auction has won new fans and impressed existing ones too. A change in format has been a very welcome update with producers and participants very complimentary of the event; having a day for tasting all auction wines (Friday 15th September) in a spacious, relaxed and exciting atmosphere and the auction on a single day (Saturday 16th September).
These are the South African wines you should be investing in
According to Knight Frank’s latest Luxury Index (KFLII), wine has finally overtaken collectable cars as the most popular luxury investment for the world’s super-rich.
Effecting Real Change From The Grassroots
Workers on the historic Meerlust Wine Estate and the neighbouring Compagniesdrift Bottling and Storage facility near Stellenbosch have long benefitted from projects and programmes to uplift and develop themselves and their families.
Discovering the distinctive white wines of South Africa
South Africa’s white wines tell the story of their diverse regions. Learn terroir tips and what you should keep an eye out for from this unique place.
A message to all the wine novices!
In my last article I declared that I wanted to become a real wine expert within 10 to 20 years! It takes a lot of time, and glasses of wine, to become a real wine connoisseur. I climbed into my car, taking my notepad, my pen, my camera and an open palette, I had work to do. It was time to expand my wine knowledge, but I couldn’t do it on my own, therefore I brought in some help.
2017 SA Wine & Cellar Classifications confirm who's (still) on top form
Based on the best track records in 28 local and international forums for the assessment of wine quality and interest value over the past 10 years, the South African Wine & Cellar Classifications celebrate the country's leading outfits - those who are regularly on top form, their product judged top-notch again and again, year after year.
Meerlust Excels at Platters Wine Guide 2017
The Platter’s by Diners Club South African Wine Guide 2017 was launched at Cape Town’s The Table Bay Hotel on 31 October 2016 with over 200 guests in attendance, the VIPs including wine producers who had achieved the maximum five star rating in the new edition – reserved for wines that are “South African classics”.
Congrats to all the star-studded wineries at Platter 2017
Big and small, far and wide... with 94 Five Stars at Platter this year
Stellenbosch has the potential to rival Napa Valley as a tourist attraction, says leading US expert
“Stellenbosch has the potential to become as significant as the Napa Valley,” says Clay Gregory, President and CEO of Visit Napa Valley. Gregory, who will be a headline speaker at The Business of Wine and Food Tourism Conference in Stellenbosch on 1 and 2 November, believes South Africa already has the skills and assets but currently lacks the investment.
Wine Legend: Meerlust, Rubicon 1995
Meerlust, Rubicon 1995 is a legend because…
The Top Ten Wine Tastings of 2015
Graham Howe picks the best of over sixty wine tastings he attended in 2015 - and spots the major tasting trends.
Compagniesdrift - Wine Storage, Bottling and Labeling
Compagniesdrift – Wine Storage, Bottling and Labeling opened its doors on 01 December 2010 with only 4 wine producers.Currently commitments has been secured from 53 wine producers to store their wine and a total of 2.3 million bottles are already in the warehouse.
Woolworths launches over 40 new wines
Woolworths is increasingly becoming the destination of choice to stock a well-curated wine cellar. Building on existing relationships with some of the top winemakers in South Africa, and with a focus on quality and price, the range is carefully developed and accessible, aiming to provide our customers with the best edited choice of wines.
Meerlust Celebrates 40th Anniversary of its World-Renowned Wine Label
It was some forty years after the arrival of the first European settlers on the southern tip of Africa in the mid-17th century that, in 1693, farmland was granted by the Dutch colony’s governor to German immigrant Henning Hüsing in the Eerste River valley outside Stellenbosch and records show vines being planted around the homestead he built and named Meerlust.
Sweet 16 RMB WineX announces Top Sellers, Best Cellars and Best Wines on Show
RMB WineX has come and gone, sweeping all (including the Eco Mobility Festival) before it. 2015 was the wine show's 16th edition, bringing around 150 exhibitors to the Sandton Convention Centre for the three days of the show.
Platter’s by Diners Club Launches the 2016 South African Wine Guide
The Platter’ s by Diners Club South African Wine Guide 2016 was launched at Cape Town’s Mount Nelson Hotel on 29 October 2015 with over 200 guests in attendance, the VIPs including wine producers who had achieved the maximum five star rating in the new edition – reserved for wines that are “South African classics”.

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